Our services include all the activities needed for
building a successful business for your company
in our target market.

* We will find you the best interest groups
* We will start immediately contacting the potential customers
* We will arrange common meetings and negotiations
* We will assist you with inquiries and RfQ‘s
* We will ensure the growth opportunities for your business


Key competences of our clients:

Industrial Internet (IoT) / Industry 4.0 applications
Business Innovation & Service Design
Product & Industrial Design (u.a. UX/UI/SW Design)
Product Development and Product Design
Suppliers of electromechanical sub-assemblies / components

Our interest groups include among others:

Manufacturers of mobile vehicles (cars, trains, airplanes)
Manufacturers of mobile construction and agricultural equipment
Manufacturers of medical equipment
Manufacturers of displays, screens, measuring equipment, etc…


Further services of ScanWire GmbH:

* Media Services
* Market studies
* Competitor Analysis
* Sales Channel Analysis
* Industrial Exhibitions
* Corporate & Product Presentations and Videos
* Marketing & Sales Support Materials

Please contact us for further information regarding Internationalization & Restructuring Consultation

We customize our services based on your competences and the market requirements.


Communication is the
prerequisite for success

We ensure, that the communication between all participants is working and correctly understood.

Our service concept for you will be configured based on your business targets and needs.

Contact us in order to find the best solution for your business challenge